Color is the new black

This thread is for all the people out there that believe that they can not successfully wear ANY color in the rainbow.  Yes, I did say ANY and it is possible.  Every hue has an intensity level and some may not everyone looks good in the same intensity but that does not mean that you should count that whole color out all together.

Yellow and red are one of the culprits that I hear most often.  I hear variations of hate spewed towards those colors either because someone thinks they are too pale or too dark for the color or that it washes them out or simply that the color does not do anything for their complexion.  Those two hues are not the only issues, there are countless amounts of colors that people stray from because the words, “I can’t wear that color”, have corrupted their minds.  It is now time to say yes I can and actually do it.

Color choice in a wardrobe is no different then the color eyeshadow you use to highlight your eyes or the shade of lipstick you put on your pout.  In fashion warfare, color can either be an ally or a foe, it is all based on your knowledge of yourself, your complexion and most of all having an open mind to the fashion experience.


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