Are you fashion?

Now, this is a baited question because fashion is so broad and subjective but I ask it anyway. I work in the fashion industry for a multi million dollar employer, yet, have my eyes set on expanding and getting out there to be my own boss. The only thing that goes through my head on a consistent basis is that I will have freedom but could risk tenure and some level of job security.

Anyone that has a family fears the word job security because it is the EXACT opposite of what is needed BUT it is something that could be attainable in your own career path.

Changing my mindset is a little difficult especially since I already work in the field that I would like to continue in as CEO. My mantra MUST continue to be that I am worth it and that I owe it to myself and to my family to be my own boss. I owe it to myself to push myself beyond any conceivable limit and reign victorious in the end. I owe it to myself to STOP hiding behind my job in order to achieve my dream.

“DREAM”..A beautiful word that desires for the recipients of it’s fruits to work hard in order to get to where they want to go. I have been using this word in vain and have been slashing it with the tip of my tongue.

#If your current job is NOT your dream…push harder!


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