Fashion Evolution

fashion evolution My personal fashion story began when I was a little girl.  I remember feeling like what I gravitated towards fashion wise was weird and that there was very little acceptance.  Children can be very cruel and it is easy to pick up on those judgments from others, so I learned to be accepting of conformity.  I told myself that if I could still express myself a tiny bit that I would still be okay.  I settled for a vision of myself that was false and imperfect for me in every way.

When I moved into the corporate world, my style became more about conforming to the culture of my position with the corporation, thus, further pushing bits and pieces of myself to the side.  I willingly made all these decisions with the hopes that these little compromises will allow me to be more successful in the end. Little did I know that I was slowly becoming someone else because I continued to allow myself to die.

In the end, I realized just how much fashion means to me and how much I need it in my life.  Fashion allows me to be free from the portion of self that can feel depressed, lonely, anxious, angry, sad, bitter and any other emotion in between. Being able to express my feelings and state of being with my clothing is an art form that I took for granted for a very long time.

My life is fashion filled, however, my life can never be truly inspirational if I do not inspire myself enough to live 100%. I say all of this to say that any compromise in your life that makes you have to be less than who you are or behave in such a way that does not truly represent you as a person is not worth it.  No matter what you tell yourself or how much you think you are going to attain by doing so, you will only lose more than you will gain.

Be you and stay you!  Wear crazy colored hair if you desire, get tattooed, mix your prints, wear stilettos, go to vintage stores, dress in all black, dress in bright colors…do whatever you feel needs to be done in order to acknowledge your true.  Do not give yourself less credit than you deserve just because someone else may not understand your perspective or your vision.  Different is not wrong but if you are being different because of someone else than you are doing your authentic self a disfavor.



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